A company by women for everyone,
our jewelry unlocks opportunities, inspires joyful confidence and celebrates the unique beauty in all of us.


To provide beauty, joy and opportunity – every day to everyone – we focus on our 3 foundational values: care, creativity and community. We make this commitment to our Customers, Stylists, Home Office Team and the communities in which we work, live and play, to create an experience of SabikaJOY.


At the age of 50, Karin Mayr founded Sabika with the sole purpose to care for her family at a time of great financial need. A special connection with Sabine Freudenthaler, a jewelry maker in Austria, led to the beginnings of a journey that has spanned 22 years and counting. Sabine’s generosity (she provided the first Sabika jewelry pieces at absolutely no cost), at a time when Karin had little to invest, was the start of a commitment to a no investment and no fees business structure for all Sabika Stylists.

Karin also tapped into her decades of experience in the fashion industry to create a business grounded in style and provide a product that was both timeless and trendy. She had a passion to help women feel their worth and own their confidence through styling.

With the support of incredible women like Sabine and countless others along the way, Karin has been determined to build a company that connects women from all communities. She has passed that mission and passion to her daughters, Alex & Miriam, who are now leading Sabika into the next decades.

Karin’s compassion and love have become a cornerstone of Sabika, elevating our product, our services and each connection we make with our Sabika Family.


Founder & Chairwoman


Our CEO & Head Designer Alex selects only the highest quality components sourced throughout Europe to bring her vision for each design to life. Designed with EVERY woman in mind, the pieces she creates are as unique as each of our Customers. She – along with Sabika – believes everyone deserves affordable luxury.

Alexandra was formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Vienna in design. Her creations are a nod to her years as a ballerina; each piece is created to dance and move with a woman’s body. Every design also begins in a collaboration with Karin, who sets the tone for each collection by setting up a color story and providing insight into current trends.

As she stepped into her role as CEO, Alex has continued to let creativity drive her. She leads Sabika with the same passion and love that was instilled in her from Karin, while always adding a creative and unique twist to everything she touches.




Miriam, our VP of Sales & Marketing, has always had a love of stories. The search for the perfect story led her to the stages of Europe in musical theater and now has brought her back to Sabika. At the heart of Sabika is a story of connection & generosity. Through Sabika, Miriam has discovered the chance to help women across the country reach their goals and make their dreams a reality.

Miriam is continually determined to break the mold in Direct Sales to offer a Stylist Opportunity unlike any other. No inventory investment, no quotas, no annual fees! Our commitment is to YOU – growing your business, expanding your community and reaching your dreams.

The greatest achievements can only be reached when we work together. At Sabika, we believe the magic we create comes from the relationships we nurture. An introduction to Sabika transforms each of us from a stranger to a life-long friend.


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Each Sabika design is handcrafted with love and care that you can feel and sparks confidence to approach each day with joy. Being environmentally conscious is central to our mission. All Sabika products are produced sustainably and ethically by our artisans in Europe.

In all of our Collection Books, you will find symbols that highlight different components of our pieces. And remember, the heart on every Sabika piece is a reminder of the love we put in.

Sabika Cut® Indicates a worldwide exclusive Sabika Cut® crystal that holds 30 geometric facets for the allure and depth of a gemstone.
Sabika Collection Plates Season and Brand indicators on Sabika Necklaces, Chokers and Bracelets, located next to the extender.
18K Gold Plated Indicates items that contain elements plated in 18 Karat Gold.
18K Rose Gold Plated Indicates items that contain elements plated in 18 Karat Rose Gold.