Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still purchase Sabika?
A: Customers can continue to purchase Sabika throughout this wind-down process, which will continue over the course of the next 2 months. Our current selection of May 2024 Edits, Sabika Favorites & ALMI by Sabika is currently 50% OFF and can be purchased online or via Stylists. June 1, 2024 will kick off our Sabika Farewell Blowout Sale online, at the Sabika Home Office, and via Stylists.

Q: What is the Farewell Blowout Sale?
A: Shop our Sabika Vault online and in person starting June 1st. Sabika will release BRAND NEW Sabika and a selection of items from the Vault every Monday at up to 80% OFF! Or come see us in person at our Home Office Farewell Blowout Sale every Wednesday – Saturday, featuring our Vault Selection, rare original Sabika items, and Collector’s Styles.

Q: Will I still receive the HERITAGE pieces I ordered in March?
A: Yes. All HERITAGE orders will be fulfilled by the end of June 2024.

Q: Can I still shop with my Stylist?
A: Yes! Sabika Stylists can continue to take orders during our wind-down process and will continue to earn commissions on their sales.

Q: What will the Return Policy be?
A: Sabika will honor our 30 Day Return Policy on all May 2024 Purchases. Starting June 1st, ALL SALES FINAL. Please see our Returns Page for more details.

Q: Can I still get my Sabika repaired?
A: Starting June 1st, our Repair Shop will no longer accept new repairs. All repairs still en route or at the Sabika Home Office by June 1st, 2024 WILL be completed. For questions about your current repair, please contact our Repair Department at 412-249-4009.

Q: Can I still host a Sabika Party?
A: Starting June 1st, Sabika will no longer offer our Hostess Program. If you have a May 2024 Party already scheduled, those Parties will be honored.

Q: Can I still use my Gift Cards & Coupons?
A: Yes. All current coupons and Gift Cards will remain active.