Hello Sabika Family.

After 23 years of bringing beauty, joy and opportunity to communities all across the U.S. Karin, Konrad, Miriam and myself have made the very difficult and emotional decision to begin winding down our Sabika business over the next two months.

I am so grateful to all of you for being a part of our collective success for over two decades. Each of you, whether you have been with us for a month or over fifteen years, has a very special place in our Sabika Story.

I want to thank you for allowing me to live my dream of designing pieces that bring you joy and wrap you in love AND I look forward to revealing my last new Sabika designs with you. We will be giving you the opportunity to shop online and in person through these next two months. It will be the biggest mix and match celebration you’ve seen yet and I know you will find many heirloom pieces to love!

In the most challenging of times, my mom, and our founder, started Sabika by not being afraid to ask for help. I’d like to honor her and that beginning by inviting you to support this farewell celebration and all that Sabika is…the promise of a smile, the beginning of a story and the end of going unnoticed.

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, CEO & Head Designer


Posted on

May 22, 2024