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The Karin Mayr Story - At the age of 50.. she dared to dream.

Sabika's founder, Karin Mayr, an immigrant from Austria and now a US citizen, never imagined that she would inspire and lead women from all walks of life toward self-empowerment.

Born in Europe, after World War II, she was raised by parents who were deeply disappointed that their first-born child had a serious scoliosis. Abuse, shaming and her mother's convictions that Karin would never amount to anything, paired with the fact that her parents moved every second year to a different city, prevented her from feeling worthy of pursuing her own dreams or giving her dreams any clout.

As an adult, she followed her husband to Brazil and in 1985 to the US, where they raised three wonderful daughters.It was here, in the US, where she met friends, who recognized her gift of creativity and love for people. She started to work as an image consultant, helping over 300 people to translate their inner beauty into a personal style. A few years later, fate took her into a successful 15-year long career as trend forecaster / marketing consultant and link between European fabric mills and top US designers.

After a short and unsuccessful interlude as minority partner in a made-tomeasure men's wear company, where she was the only female in the top management, Karin left because she felt like the worker bee among the battling male forces. She left with a strong desire to take a break and refocus.

But life has its own unpredictable path, and soon she learned that her husband's business was also faltering. At the time, she was 50 and her youngest daughter had just graduated from high school.

At this time, her husband Konrad introduced her to Sabine, an Austrian Crystal jewelry designer, who had always dreamt of selling in the US, but did not know how. What Karin would otherwise not have been interested in, became the gateway towards financial independence for herself, her family and over the years, many others.

Dreaming the American Dream

So, at the age of 50, Karin sat down for the first time in her life, and dared to dream. In the past, she had created successes for others. Putting her existential fears behind her, she sat down and wrote a mission statement that came from her heart and is still guiding us today.

She wanted a company by women for women. A company where women were appreciated, understood, supported and most of all EMPOWERED. She and her daughter Alexandra gave it the name Sabika (Sabine and Karin).

What started in 2001 with a strong conviction at her kitchen table has developed into a beautiful world of opportunity that many women have chosen to embrace. Their backgrounds and goals still differ, but what remains strong, is Karin's commitment to inspire and encourage them along their individual paths to personal and financial growth.

Sabika will always be
The promise of a smile,
The beginning of a story,
And the end of going unnoticed.