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At Sabika we are setting new design trends in fashion accessories each season to perpetuate the growing collection of Sabika style for the seasons of your life.

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in the fashion industry, we must all be vigilant about copycats that claim to be ‘the same as but less expensive’ than our original Sabika designs. Sabika jewelry is copyrighted because its designs, sourcing of materials, construction process, attention to detail and value are original and protected by copyright law.

We are serious about protecting our copyrighted original designs and the interests of more than 1,700 entrepreneurs in 42 states who have invested their time and energy as Sabika brand ambassadors who are working to advance their financial position.

Our Consultants and their Customers have invested in our many Collections and thousands of pieces of original Sabika. It is only right that we protect the Sabika style and design copyright from being used by people who choose to violate our unique designs and materials, our hard work and our legal property. Simply stated, a violation of Sabika copyright design is subject to legal action as a way of protecting our products and franchise and value we have created for Consultants and Customers. In several circumstances, we have asked jewelry designers to stop copying our designs or to stop reference to our brand.

Truly an ‘Original’

Sabika started with an idea, a family and a sense of purpose and authenticity that led to one-of-a-kind designs and a Customer base that believes in originality. We believe that in order to truly be an original you must know the origin of the design, its materials, how and where it was produced and the authenticity of the design and its place in the entire Sabika Collection.

When you purchase a piece of Sabika you are helping women create new opportunities for themselves and for their families. From Europe to the United States you are helping to impact legacies for generations to come. The quality of Sabika design and manufacturing is unmatched a guaranteed by the Mayr family, founders of Sabika. When a Customer chooses to invest their hard-earned money in a Sabika collectible, they are not only making a fashion statement, they are purchasing one-of-a-kind designs among our Collections.