Summer is the season to be unleashed, to take risks and step outside of our norms. It is time to make memories and go on adventures again. With this brand new Summer 2022 Collection I aspired to created pieces that were surprising and unexpected with eye-catching shapes and unique materials and colors. When you hold these pieces you’ll remember the places you visited and compliments you received while wearing them — they are true everyday heirlooms.

What new adventure are you embarking on this season? New job, new relationship, or any new challenge? I understand how changes can make it difficult to make our own confidence a priority. Our style evolves as our lives do. We dress differently depending on where we’re headed and the beauty of Sabika is that we’re always working to offer you a broad selection of styles to help you feel confident. You are worthy and bright and you deserve to stand out in your style anytime and anywhere.

The women graciously modeling our Summer 2022 Collection decided to take the leap and become entrepreneurs, each at different points in their own journeys. I see a lot of my mother Karin’s story as well as those of our Sabika Consultants in these women.

They each saw a need in the world, and knew that their unique skills and experience could help that need and made the conscious decision to go on a new adventure, casting their fears aside. My mother Karin in addition to wanting to bring beautiful artisan European jewelry to the United States also decided to provide that same opportunity to anyone who wants to go on the Sabika Consultant journey with us. Sabika just might be that new adventure you are looking for! Wherever life takes you, I hope that Sabika sparks joy and confidence in all you do!

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik,
CEO & Head Designer


Moms, Founders, Sisters, Friends, Advisors

salon owner, natural hair expert, mom, part of a big basketball family
“I feel like it’s important to celebrate who you really are in your natural state”
boutique owner, loves to adventure to places like Guatemala with her boyfriend
“I know when I see other women succeed it gives me the confidence to keep growing.”
non-profit & tech CEO/founder, mom, scuba diver of over 20 years
“As women, we’ve got to have each other’s back. Especially in business, the odds are stacked against us.”