The amazing thing about the Fall Season is how transformative it is. It begins slowly with a cool breeze, the nights get longer and trees and the sky begin to show new colors. Then, there is a crescendo and we see a brief pictures of vibrance, of nature changing itself.

There are many layers to who we are and who we are evolving to become – all the time. I designed each piece in this Fall 2022 Collection to be singularly unique. You will find surprising elements, shapes we have never used before like Mother of Pearl, and new chains that have texture and detail that will add a depth to your look in fitting with the season. They are a new layer to our design story, now unearthed and ready for you to wear with joy. Modeling our brand new Fall 2022 Collection are women who have dared to be led by their creative spirits.

They joyously rebel against what many may consider the ‘correct’ way of being a business owner or grandmother or artist. At Sabika Jewelry, we also do things differently. We aren’t afraid to bend outside of the norm, and we have found that this is what has made our brand continue to grow and speak to new people. We are committed to ethically producing our jewelry.

We will never mass produce because of its harmful effects on the environment, and our desire for details that only trained artisan hands know how to create. Our Consultant Opportunity is also something that puts us on our own path. We think that if you choose to sell and promote our product it should truly be an opportunity – an extension of who you are and not a hindrance. That’s why we provide free inventory and training and have low start-up costs and a straightforward & lucrative commission plan, a standout in the industry.

We are in the community business, more than we are in the jewelry business. My biggest hope for this new Collection is that it allows you to show new layers of yourself and share your joy with your friends, family and fellow Sabika lovers.

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik,
CEO & Head Designer


Moms, Founders, Sisters, Friends, Advisors

“We have one life and you should just do whatever it is you feel like doing. Just go for it!”
“We compare ourselves to others too much. When you stop doing that, you realize how unique you are.”
arts manager
spare time tapper
“Do not worry about outside opinions, just listen to yourself.”
soccer mom
shoe designer
“We can’t pour from an empty cup. Before you can encourage someone else, it always starts with you.”
dog mom
“Take time to get to know yourself. Everybody has beauty inside of themselves to unleash.”